Travis Bartlett


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Travis Bartlett

Senior IT Professional/Manager


I specialize in building and improving IT support processes, rolling out new services/technologies, and coordinating central IT resources to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff in higher Ed environments. I am an experienced leader, directing central Service Center and Help Line services, with a focus on solution delivery and customer satisfaction. I work closely with various academic and business units to identify problem areas and provide soltions.

Work Experiences

Senior IT Professional/Manager

University of Vermont | 2013 - Present

Responsible for university Help Line and Service Desk operations with a focus on solution delivery and customer satisfaction. Work directly with IT, administrative, and academic partners to strategize and coordinate university wide rollouts of new technologies and software through testing, development of training resources, documentation, and support delivery.

  • Created structured training and achievement "Tech Tiering" program to normalize skillsets among help desk technicians and to encourage continuous knowledge and skill growth - which has led to improved consistency in our support and service operations.
  • Have worked toward and have successfully maintained a 94% positive customer satisfaction rating for support services over a two year period.
  • Directly supervise 17 full time and variable workforce employees, including hiring, training, and budget forecasting.
  • Enabled scaling up of classroom support for alternative teaching modalities through COVID by developing a custom Django CMS to document a dozen or so AV configurations and technology packages across hundreds of classrooms in a format that was accessible to instructors and IT support units.
  • Guided implementation and design of a modernized Knowledge Base with a focus on SEO and content consolidation. Enabling users to more easily navigate and find what they're looking for.

IT Professional/Assistant Help Desk Coordinator

University of Vermont | 2011 - 2013

Assisted with the operation and management functions of univerity Help Line and Service Desk operations in addition to serving a primary desktop support role to several administrative units.

  • Provided Tier 2&3 desktop support to academic and administrative units.
  • Responsible for hiring, training, and scheduling of Help Line and Computer Clinic technicians.
  • Was directly responsible for launching and developing documentation for the university's first centrally hosted Knowledge Base.

Help Desk Technician

University of Vermont | 2006 - 2011
  • Provided Tier 1&2 support for Help Line and Computer Clinic services.
  • Shift leader responsible for queue management, training, policy and procedure enforcement.

Computer Systems Technology Assistant Instructor

Center for Technology | 2008 - 2011
  • Teaching A+ Certification and Cisco Network Associate material. Lecture presentations, grading assignments, and course design.

Recent Projects

Classroom Support Lookup

A custom Django app designed as a CMS solution to document a dozen or so classroom configurations and technology packages across hundreds of rooms in a format that was accessible to instructors and IT support units - this allowed our university to quickly scale support efforts in response to remote teaching modalities during COVID.

IT Lookup

Provides a common record of IT units and the departments they are responsible for supporting. Clients can search for their designated support unit by entering their NetID. The app includes an API that allows other services to access support data, and is also used to provide support unit metrics on our ITSM ticket data.