Travis Bartlett

Travis Bartlett

Senior IT Professional/Manager
I specialize in building and improving IT support processes, training new skills and concepts, managing projects, and providing vision and leadership to my staff. I write about my current interests, projects, and everything else in my blog. For more information on my professional qualifications see my resume.

What I do

I have over 10 years of experience improving support outcomes, rolling out new services/technologies, and coordinating central IT resources to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff in a higher Ed environment. I am an effective leader in directing central Help Desk and Service Centers, with a focus on solution delivery and customer satisfaction. Below is a quick overview of my primary skill sets. If you’d like to find out more about my experience - check out my resume or read through my blog.


I foster the establishment of shared goals and values that can be used as motivators and measurements of achievement. I believe in constructive feedback loops and offering continuous opportunities for skill growth.

Strong Problem Solver

I have a skilled and expereienced approach to problem solving. I work with academic and administrative groups to analyze potential trouble areas, symptoms, and patterns, to accurately identify issues and apply appropriate solutions.

Effective Communicator

I have years of experience interacting and effectively communicating with people from diverse backgrounds and skill levels - highlighting collaboration on projects, problem solving, and training of new skills.

Project Management

I am highly organized and manage multiple projects of varying priority levels – I have been successful working with teams from several departments, identifying key players and responsibilities, providing a clear understanding of desired outcomes, timelines, and scope of each project.

Skill Trainer/Developer

I have trained dozens of technicians and IT Professionals as well as countless students, faculty and staff. I have an adaptable training style that involves identifying the needs and existing experience levels of the target audience, and developing a training approach that best fits those needs.

Document Everything

I believe documentation empowers anyone to learn from the experiences of others and opens opportunities to acquire new skills, retain information, and ultimately leads to a more capable and scalable IT workforce by establishing standards and best practices.


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